IT Outsourcing

Do you have insufficient IT expertise in house?
Would you like to reduce your staff headcount and associated overheads?
Would you like to reduce expenditure on IT hardware, server costs, data storage and network maintenance ?
Have you become frustrated with unresponsive external IT support?
Does the location of your business make IT support visits difficult to arrange?
Would fixed affordable monthly IT support payments help budgeting and planning within your business?

If you have answered YES to one or more of the above questions iBridge can help. iBridge offer tailored service packages designed to meet your needs. Our aim is to support and help develop your existing business, working seamlessly with your in-house staff at the level you require, in the focused areas you require. Our “Virtual Services” portfolio is comprehensive and is designed in a way which allows you to ‘pick and mix’ the services you require whether that be a few hours proactive maintenance and support each month or a full development program to project your company forward.


IT outsourcing saves costs, reduces risk and increases the expertise pool available to your business. iBridge will work seamlessly with your business to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure or deliver a project solution. As a result your IT resources will become more productive, leaving you free to concentrate on projects that will help add long term business value rather than worrying about dealing with day-to-day IT issues.
Services can be chosen from our “Virtual Services” portfolio as needed to ensure you are provided with the type of service you want, when you need it. Our skilled, motivated team rarely need to be on site as we utilise the power of the internet to provide consistent service and instant response.


Why do businesses choose to outsource IT to iBridge?

As a strategic IT outsourcing company with over 30 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge and tools and offer scalable, flexible packages to compliment and assist your business.


We are proficient in PCI DSS compliancy procedures and ensure our team adhere to strict information security protocols at all times.


System hosting at IBridge ensures protection around the clock in our secure data centre, with access to our 24/7 technical support if required.


iBridge can work alongside existing in-house IT resource to develop systems and processes and enhance internal knowledge and expertise. Alternatively, our team can fully manage your IT systems. Benefits achieved through our proactive approach include :


Reduced business risk through regular rotating backups and increased security.


Fast response to issues or queries via our Virtual Services, utilizing remote desktop access and VPN security can be offered for many services like hosting, virtualisation, regular security & antivirus checks, backup management and accessing office data from home or while on the road.


Let us help protect your business.

A disaster recovery plan ensures your business is able to recover quickly in the event of a problem, with minimal downtime or data loss. Companies of all sizes should take steps to prepare for data loss as, even with the most secure of systems and most diligent of staff, issues can always occur. iBridge offer affordable disaster recovery solutions to enable your servers / infrastructure / equipment / data to be quickly recovered and restored should the unthinkable should happen.


Planning for disasters starts with the simplest of steps: collecting all of your key information into one protected document. Doing so ensures that key custodial personnel know where to look for any password / URL / security code should they be needed during day to day matters or in the event of an emergency. Data protection and data recovery also needs to be considered. Depending on your business requirements and infrastructure, utilization of multiple disk drives in servers like RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations may be sufficient but extension to anti-virus software, backup facilities to multiple locations (including offsite rotation if needed), file replication, DNS failover and load balancing may also be required


If you currently have a disaster recovery plan in place we recommend you challenge and review the structure on a regular basis. IBridge have audited disaster recovery plans for many companies through from small family businesses and have found key components to be missing in over 70% of cases. This happens because recovery plans are not reviewed or updated as companies develop and grow. Additions to the business infrastructure are not added to the recovery plan as they are developed or key personnel changes take place and the recovery plan is forgotten.

We can create corporate identity, brand logos and also then develop market presence. In addition we can provide business cards, letterheads, brochures and also advertisements which will be consistent with online presence.