About Us

IBridge Solutions Ltd is a UK based company which specializes in bespoke innovative software solutions, e-commerce packages and proactive web services. iBridge work hand in hand with each of their customers providing tailored support packages which enable businesses to focus on their day to day activities whilst having as much, or as little, input into their IT infrastructure as required.


In some cases iBridge provide backup and support for customer employees, in others a full development program is progressed and implemented. Support packages can be built and optimized from a full and extensive list of services including internal & web hardware maintenance, software support and direct consumer interface services. We refer to our portfolio as our “virtual services”, and pride ourselves on the comprehensive spectrum of services we are able to offer. Our aim is to meet all requirements but to allow our customers to pick only the services they require. If requirements change as businesses grow and develop our services can also be tailored and adapted, it’s as simple as requesting from the menu.


With over 30 years experience and backgrounds in both small and multinational business, our team is highly skilled and keen to help. We believe that listening and fully understanding your requirements from the outset is the key to a strong and effective relationship as our experience and knowledge will only bring results if correctly channeled for your business. Feel free to contact us on +44 (0)151 324 0900, our team is dedicated to provide IT support for all your needs.


Unlike many IT service providers openness is intrinsic to the service offered by iBridge. Discussions regarding requirements and solutions will always be open and balanced, pointing out all options, possible hurdles and, most importantly, costs. Quotations supplied are always detailed and clear, ensuring customers understand services and products to be provided and also items NOT covered. Our approach allows customers to make fully informed decisions and services and solutions to be optimized according to requirements and budget.